Trading overseas


Here at Bibby Financial Services we want to encourage and assist businesses in trading overseas. We help businesses struggling with language, cultural and currency differences to make the most of the opportunities in the import and export market.

We have a product specifically designed to help our clients operate in this field. Our specialist export finance offering is designed to give assistance to businesses supplying goods or services overseas by providing working capital against invoices that are raised.

International funding team

What excites me most about this product is the expert team that support our clients using the service. Our team is multi-lingual and between them speak almost 40 different languages.

Trading with foreign partners can be complicated if you don’t have support and assistance when you need it. Whilst most high street banks don’t offer support for this sort of trading, Bibby Financial Services is proud to be leading the way in this area.

David Postings

UK CEO, Bibby Financial Services

About David Postings

David Postings is the UK Chief Executive Officer for Bibby Financial Services following his appointment in April 2012. David is an experienced senior executive with over 35 years’ experience in financial services. David has extensive knowledge of the commercial finance landscape.

You can read more about David Postings and his position at Bibby Financial Services in the About Me Section.

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