Global uncertainty mustn’t stall SME ambitions

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We are living in times of such political unorthodoxy there is arguably a danger that economic commentators will start to sound like a broken record. Uncertainty, or rather what Mervin King the former Governor of the Bank of England calls radical uncertainty, is a dominating factor in the global economy. This is the kind of uncertainty that pollsters and skilled economists find difficult, if not impossible to predict. Events such as Brexit, a hung Parliament […]

The Government should avoid chasing start-up numbers and nurture aspiring businesses

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According to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills there were 5.2 million private sector businesses at the start of 2014. This reflected a record annual increase of 330,000 businesses and the first time the business population exceeded 5 million. The political and business landscape is awash with calls of support for aspiring entrepreneurs and StartUpBritain – a Government backed initiative to “accelerate enterprise in the UK” – aims to create 600,000 new start-ups this […]

Post-election policy shake up is a threat

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In my role as UK Chief Executive Officer at Bibby Financial Services, I’m able to gauge the mood of UK business owners as I speak constantly to decision makers in businesses up and down the country, I listen to and try and address concerns. I’m finding more and more that in the run up to the general election the overriding concern seems to be what’s going to happen in the post-election policy shake up. Worries […]