Post-election policy shake up is a threat

In my role as UK Chief Executive Officer at Bibby Financial Services, I’m able to gauge the mood of UK business owners as I speak constantly to decision makers in businesses up and down the country, I listen to and try and address concerns. I’m finding more and more that in the run up to the general election the overriding concern seems to be what’s going to happen in the post-election policy shake up.

Worries about a possible referendum on membership of the European Union, deflation, higher interest rates and a housing bubble seem to be on the minds of business owners in the run up to the General Election. Worries that a fragile recovery could falter are at the forefront of entrepreneurs minds.

Europe and emerging markets

Uncertainty is high over Europe, particularly amongst those businesses that export. A referendum is worrying owners, as is deflation and general weakness in the Eurozone. A renewed Euro crisis is concerning, the situation in Greece is still yet to be resolved, but there are also issues to address with emerging markets.

The Middle East/Ukraine are still causing concerns and CFOs are hoping for some good news, although the stock market in UK remains relatively buoyant. Issues in Europe and the emerging markets could yet spell more turbulent times.


The election itself is proving hard to call, with even pollsters confused about what sort of political configuration we’ll end up with once the ballots have been counted.  Opinion seems to suggest that neither main party will have a majority, this leads to more uncertainty at the present time.

Business leaders react to times like these by being more risk averse, a hung parliament could lead to more times of instability and only after the election will we be able to see where the economic land lies, once the dust has settled.

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