Global uncertainty mustn’t stall SME ambitions

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We are living in times of such political unorthodoxy there is arguably a danger that economic commentators will start to sound like a broken record. Uncertainty, or rather what Mervin King the former Governor of the Bank of England calls radical uncertainty, is a dominating factor in the global economy. This is the kind of uncertainty that pollsters and skilled economists find difficult, if not impossible to predict. Events such as Brexit, a hung Parliament […]

The trickle-down effects of Osborne’s Autumn Statement

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To an outside observer, the SME agenda may seem noticeably absent from this year’s Autumn Statement. But read through the details of Osborne’s statement and we find that actually there are a range of measures that will directly impact the small business owner. Although the Government may see the Commissioner and the Small Business Conciliation Service as its crowning achievements, their broader agenda on devolution, infrastructure and empowerment of the regions could go some way […]

The unintended consequences of the ‘Brexit’ spectre

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My last blog looked at the Queen’s Speech and explored some of the uncertainties that arose from this landmark announcement. Since then the Government has announced the exact wording of the EU Referendum Bill. The question will be: ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?’ For many small businesses up and down the country, the answer will be a resounding ‘yes.’ In May we spoke to a thousand small and medium […]

Getting on with the job

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As the dust settles on the political landscape post 7 May, UK SMEs have laid out their policy wish list for the new Conservative Government. The single biggest immediate priority is a simplified PAYE system – a policy backed by almost a quarter of UK SMEs polled*. In creating a vision for the next twelve months, when asked what three policies they would like to see from the Government, almost a third of SMEs leant […]

Post-election policy shake up is a threat

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In my role as UK Chief Executive Officer at Bibby Financial Services, I’m able to gauge the mood of UK business owners as I speak constantly to decision makers in businesses up and down the country, I listen to and try and address concerns. I’m finding more and more that in the run up to the general election the overriding concern seems to be what’s going to happen in the post-election policy shake up. Worries […]