The Brexit saga continues – what is the Withdrawal Agreement?

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Following a series of Cabinet resignations over the past week, there are calls for another election from some quarters. This is all too familiar territory for the UK. In the past four years, the country has endured two referendums and two elections, so it is no stranger to the polls. However, the impact of ongoing uncertainty – and another visit to the booth – on the economy and business communities cannot be underestimated. Since the […]

Brexit deal

Deal or no deal

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With less than eight months to go until the UK’s formal EU exit, the economy remains in a state of flux. While economic growth has picked up following a frosty start to the year, there’s no hiding the fact that things feel pretty fragile. As a ‘no deal’ scenario becomes increasingly possible, some are excited by this prospect. Jacob Rees-Mogg recently said: “A WTO is a good Brexit. It’s a clear Brexit.” I would argue […]

Global uncertainty mustn’t stall SME ambitions

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We are living in times of such political unorthodoxy there is arguably a danger that economic commentators will start to sound like a broken record. Uncertainty, or rather what Mervin King the former Governor of the Bank of England calls radical uncertainty, is a dominating factor in the global economy. This is the kind of uncertainty that pollsters and skilled economists find difficult, if not impossible to predict. Events such as Brexit, a hung Parliament […]

Efficient business. Efficient Britain.

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The results of the latest SME Confidence Tracker report show that the final months of 2016 were a time for collective belt tightening and falling investment as rising costs started to take hold for many businesses in the UK. Prior to the referendum, just one in 10 SMEs cited rising costs as their biggest challenge. In the final months of the year, this had more than doubled. As input costs rise due to a weakened pound, there are […]

Brexit: the impact so far

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At the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham this month, Theresa May announced that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty would be deployed by the end of March 2017, signifying the UK’s intent to leave the EU by summer 2019. Although this was expected sometime before the end of the year, the announcement sent the pound spiralling to a new 31-year low against the dollar as the impacts of the UK’s exit from the EU were […]