Brexit deal

Deal or no deal

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With less than eight months to go until the UK’s formal EU exit, the economy remains in a state of flux. While economic growth has picked up following a frosty start to the year, there’s no hiding the fact that things feel pretty fragile. As a ‘no deal’ scenario becomes increasingly possible, some are excited by this prospect. Jacob Rees-Mogg recently said: “A WTO is a good Brexit. It’s a clear Brexit.” I would argue […]

More Owl than Tigger?

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The Chancellor evoked a children’s classic today when he presented his forecast for the UK economy. He foresees improved growth and exudes positivity. As he said himself he represents Tigger to the opposition Eeyore. Put politics to one side, the forecasts seem at odds with what many of us are experiencing in what increasingly feels like a parallel universe. A universe where people are holding off buying new cars, where there is pressure on housing […]

SMEs: a global view of opportunities and challenges in 2017

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In 2016, Bibby Financial Services published its inaugural Global Business Monitor report, providing unique insight into the opportunities and challenges facing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across Asia, Europe and North America. Amid geopolitical change and rising economic uncertainty, the study highlighted specific issues facing such businesses, including rising input costs, the burden of government regulation and ongoing cashflow management. Though issues keeping business owners awake were predominantly close to home, there was undoubtedly […]

Global uncertainty mustn’t stall SME ambitions

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We are living in times of such political unorthodoxy there is arguably a danger that economic commentators will start to sound like a broken record. Uncertainty, or rather what Mervin King the former Governor of the Bank of England calls radical uncertainty, is a dominating factor in the global economy. This is the kind of uncertainty that pollsters and skilled economists find difficult, if not impossible to predict. Events such as Brexit, a hung Parliament […]

Is the Budget likely to enable the UK to engage Top Gear?

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Hammond’s first and last Spring Budget delivered on 8 March doesn’t seem very small business friendly. At first blush, increasing the National Insurance contributions for self-employed to fund care might not seem anything to worry about. But in the same breath corporation tax is being reduced. So, those larger businesses that have a choice about where they base themselves pay less, but small sole traders who have less flexibility are penalised. A tax on “strivers” […]